Introducing FrankenRhymes™

Bobby Frankenstein, the great, great grandson of the mad scientist, Victor, who created the original green monster, wasn’t feeling like himself lately. At the age of twelve, he had everything he ever thought he wanted. He loved music especially hip hop and often tried to come up with his own rap songs, but when he sang his songs, his voice never seemed to carry the weight of his words. So he put his songs aside and focused on another love, science. At school, he was known as the mad science kid.

During science time, he often made his own concoctions that would smoke up the room and make Mrs. Mcmilly run for the fire extinguisher. His parents would get the report from Mrs. Mcmilly that Bobby made another unidentifiable ooze that wouldn’t come off the floors, and Mr. Frankenstein would chuckle. “Bobby, you’re a chip off the old block, aren’t you? Your great, great grandfather would’ve loved to see this ooze you made!” Bobby wasn’t quite sure who his great, great grandfather was, but he knew the myths and tall tales that followed his name. Everyone ‘said’ Victor created the Frankenstein monster, but Bobby knew it wasn’t real, how could it be?

One day, Bobby was looking through the attic trying to find some extra pieces to add to his science project, the smoking volcano that was waiting patiently for him downstairs. He wanted to add a little city below the volcano and knew there were some miniature plastic people up in the attic, somewhere. When, he opened a big dusty chest and found a book inside. “What’s this?” Bobby said. “It looks ancient.” He blew off the dust and rubbed the cover until he could read the title of the book. ‘Oogles and Oogles of Mad Science Fun’ by Victor Frankenstein was scribbled onto the cover. “This won’t help my volcano,” said Bobby and he threw it down to the ground. As the book dropped a piece of paper fell out in front of Bobby. The paper looked like a how to instruction guide with a list of ingredients. The first ingredient was half a teaspoon of slime from the underbelly of a frog, and with that, Bobby knew this wasn’t a recipe for his Mom’s apple pie! At the end of the instructions, it read, “Frankenstein will live again!” Now Bobby had forgotten all about his volcano downstairs, he had a new science project to bring to school.

That night he got to work, while listening to his favorite rap album, Hip Hoppity, he created something he never thought possible. After the green fog from his brewing died down, he laid eyes on a green monster, about the same age as Bobby staring back at him. “He’s real!” Bobby jumped up and down and ran to hug the new monster. “You’re really real!”

Bobby wasn’t sure how to bring him downstairs to meet his parents. So he decided Frankie Junior, his new best friend, the green monster, would stay in his bedroom while he went fishing with his dad on Sunday. Frankie Junior didn’t mind staying behind. He was amazed by all the toys and gadgets in Bobby’s room and felt right at home. While Bobby was gone, Frankie came upon some rap songs tucked behind a pillow. Frankie Junior sat down on the bed and began to read Bobby’s songs. He enjoyed them very much.

When Bobby got home later that day, he ran up to his room to find Frankie listening to Hip Hoppity with sunglasses and a cap placed sideways on his head. Bobby stopped in the doorway, not sure what to think of Frankie Junior’s new look. “Listen to this,” Frankie Junior said. He began to rap the song Bobby wrote called FrankenRhymes. It sounded just like Bobby had wanted it to sound. Frankie Junior, the green skinned hip-hop star was born. What a hit he would be at school on Monday!

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