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There are currently no events scheduled for 2007.
If you are interested in Booking FrankenRhymes please contact Michael at 401-230-9449 or email info@frankenrhymes.com.

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From The Stadium Theatre Oct. 29, 2006

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RADIO Disney Radio Commercial

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Introducing FrankenRhymes™

Bobby Frankenstein, the great, great grandson of the mad scientist, Victor, who created the original green monster, wasn’t feeling like himself lately. At the age of twelve, he had everything he ever thought he wanted. He loved music especially hip hop and often tried to come up with his own rap songs, but when he sang his songs, his voice never seemed to carry the weight of his words. So he put his songs aside and focused on another love, science. At school, he was known as the mad science kid.

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FrankenRhymes™ Songs
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1 4 U
Trick Or Treat
Knock, Knock ft. Count Rapula
plus 14 more songs available on CD!

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